Root Canal

Root Canal (endodontic) therapy treats disorders of the nerve (pulp)
of the tooth. In the past, a tooth with a diseased or infected nerve
had to be removed. However in 95% of these cases today, this is no
longer true. Dr. Wellenreiter believes in saving teeth and he will
make every effort to save yours. An opening is made through the crown
of the tooth into the pulp. The diseased pulp is then carefully
removed using advanced technology Nickel-Titanium rotary files. The
Root Canal area inside your tooth is cleaned, enlarged and shaped.
Then the Root Canal and pulp chamber are permanently filled and sealed
using a warmed rubber material called gutta percha. Finally, the tooth
is fully restored to chewing function, most often with a porcelain
crown. The root canal procedure is usually completed in one visit, but
if a large amount of infection is present, two visits may be required.

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